About the Foundation
Peter Sowerby Foundation was established in 2011, to direct the personal wealth of Dr Peter Sowerby as grants to organisations that meet the charitable objectives of Dr Peter Sowerby and his late wife, Ann.

Peter Sowerby Foundation has three areas of interest to award grants:

1. Medical research and healthcare provision
  • Primary medical care and research into technologies that improve the delivery of primary care;
  • Research undertaken by GPs;
  • Innovation and technology to improve primary care, particularly in rural communities;
  • Terminal care; support for those suffering terminal illnesses and research into improving delivery of care.
2. Education
  • Support for young people from disadvantaged families and communities to go to medical school;
  • Teaching of philosophy: in schools and assisting people to study philosophy at university, particularly when linked to medical training;
  • Family supported educational charities in Africa.
3. Community and environment
  • Natural environment; support for the enhancement of horticulture, trees & forests;
  • Arts; supporting young/emerging creative artists, writers and performers and local communities;
  • North Yorkshire and its communities; including support for social housing, local Air Ambulance services and other local causes;
  • Renewable energy; supporting sustainable energy development.

Please note: The Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications. Organisations and individuals should not apply unless specifically invited to do so.