» Medical Research and Healthcare Provision:


To AESOP (Arts Enterprise with a Social Purpose), a staged start-up grant to set up, evaluation and (now validated) roll-out a new ‘Dance to Health’ programme, which trains professional dancers to deliver routines designed to prevent falls among the elderly.

A supplementary grant towards the staging of the 2018 Arts and Health Conference and Showcase.

Papworth Hospital

To the new Papworth hospital on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the installation of newly commissioned artwork by Sigune Hamann in the construction of the Outpatients and Critical Care Area.

Hospice UK, formerly Help the Hospices

To Hospice UK, a major feasibility project for the development of a UK-wide dataset for hospice care and the adoption of new information management processes in order to better ‘make the case for hospice care’, identify commissioning gaps and improve access to hospice care for under-represented groups.

This grant follows a major grant over three years, to support the development of their digital ehospice project, bringing real-time palliative care intelligence and news to healthcare professionals.

CLIC Sargent

To CLIC Sargent’s ‘Thrive, not just survive’ programme in Yorkshire, aimed at helping young people, their families and teachers help reduce the disruption cancer has on young people’s educational development, their social lives and future prospects.

The Crescent Group

To the Crescent, a small grant towards an HIV self-help and counselling service in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Multiple Sclerosis Society

To the Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair, a four-year post-doctoral award to investigate the influence of whole body physiology (diet, exercise) on the repair of myelin within the brain and spinal cord, a process which forms a major focus for the development of future myelin repair therapies which could slow or even stop MS progression.

University of Cape Town Lung Institute

To University of Cape Town Lung Institute/C3 Collaborating for Health, for
the global development of Practical Approach to Care Kit (ŒPACK), a
symptoms-based toolkit that allows health care workers in low-resource
settings to assess, advise, and treat 40 common symptoms and 20 chronic

Target Ovarian Cancer

To Target Ovarian Cancer, a grant to support Pathfinder 2016, an extensive research and analysis project into the diagnosis, treatment and experiences of women with ovarian cancer across the UK’s regions.

Dance UK

To Dance UK, a grant towards the costs of hosting two national conferences on dancers’ psychological and physiological health.

Jessie’s Fund

To Jessie’s Fund, a grant to fund ‘Soundtracks’ in North Yorkshire, a programme that provides short intensive periods of musical therapy for children in special schools and also trains teachers to deliver future sessions.

Paintings in Hospitals

To Paintings in Hospitals, a grant to cover the loan of paintings and other works of art within healthcare institutions in North Yorkshire, as part of a strategic programme of arts interventions in healthcare settings.

Music in Hospitals

To Music in Hospitals, a grant for the provision of musical concerts and entertainment to patients, staff and visitors within healthcare institutions in North Yorkshire, as part of a strategic programme of arts interventions in healthcare settings.

Sleights and Sandsend Medical Practice

To Sleights and Sandsend Medical Practice, a grant to undertake a feasibility and mapping study into the potential for a healthy living project in the Whitby area.

The Reading Agency

To The Reading Agency, a grant to promote the use of reading as a tool for better mental health for older people in rural North Yorkshire, which will be delivered in partnership with Age UK and the local library service.

Imperial College London

To Imperial College London, a major grant over five years to establish the Peter Sowerby Forum with the purpose initially of developing a strategy to bring together primary and secondary care data and then to ensure the proposals are implemented to open new avenues for research to improve patient care.

King’s College London

To King’s College London, a major grant over ten years to endow a Chair with the purpose of building on the university’s ground-breaking work on the relationship between philosophy and medicine.

Royal College of GPs

To the Royal College of GPs a major annual grant to fund five ‘Sowerby Innovation Fellows’ supporting innovation by GPs.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

To Marie Curie Cancer Care, a major grant of over three years, to fund Marie Curie nurses working in North Yorkshire for three years.

Help the Hospices, now Hospice UK

To Help the Hospices, now Hospice UK, a major grant over three years, to support the development of their digital ehospice project, bringing real-time palliative care intelligence and news to healthcare professionals.

» Education:


To SAPERE, a grant to support the training of teachers in rural Yorkshire in the Philosophy for Children approach, and to deliver an evaluated three-year programme designed to encourage children to think critically, creatively and collaboratively.

The Reading Agency

To The Reading Agency, a further grant to develop a common framework for the evaluation of reading outcomes.

Economist Educational Foundation

To the Economist Educational Foundation, a grant to support the expansion of the Burnet News Club and piloting the Policy League, in schools across London, helping young people to think critically and philosophically about issues of world importance.

» Community and the Environment:

Action for Stammering Children

Based in Yorkshire, a grant to assess the impact of confidence-building peer-based activities on the speech and self-esteem of children with moderate to severe stammering.

National Youth Jazz Orchestra

To NYJO, for the expansion of big band touring and music education for rural and inner-city young people in Yorkshire, and to pilot a Regional NYJO Academy in Darlington, County Durham.

A further grant to support talented jazz musicians in Yorkshire and the North East, particularly young people from rurally-isolated and deprived inner-city backgrounds to access a pilot Regional NYJO Academy and fund opportunities to practice and perform in partnership with local Music Education Hubs, Swaledale Festival (including live-streaming), schools and concert venues.

The Friends of Kipkelion

For the Kipkelion area of Kenya, a small award to support the introduction of an education programme and alternative rites of passage to prevent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

National Youth Choir of Great Britain

To the National Youth Girls’ Choir North Yorkshire, a grant towards its residential training and summer events programme in Yorkshire (2016, 2017-18).

Shared Assets

To Shared Assets, a research and development grant to assess the feasibility of a new information service on land usage serving social entrepreneurs and community groups.

Fields in Trust

To Fields in Trust, a grant to protect public access and enjoyment of five green spaces in North Yorkshire, and the holding of five community events.

Goathland Community Hub

To Goathland Community Hub, a grant towards the capital cost of a new community building in Goathland, North Yorkshire, as a home for village social and sporting activities, and the exhibition of Goathland Plough Stots, a traditional longsword dance.

Autism Plus

To Autism Plus, a grant towards the cost of buying tools, polytunnels and a shed for their new gardening project for disabled people at Park House Farm near Ampleforth in North Yorkshire.

Renewable World

To Renewable World, a three year grant to support the “Maarifa” Project providing clean renewable energy to give community learning and training centres in rural Kenya.

Choir of the Year

To Choir of the Year, a grant to support the running of the 2014 national competition to find the country’s best amateur choir, including funding for a related project to establish the health benefits of singing.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

To RBG Kew, a three year grant to fund the Ann Sowerby Research Fellow in Bee Health and Pollination, investigating chemical inhibitors that prevent vibrant natural plant pollination.

Yorkshire Arboretum

To Yorkshire Arboretum, a grant to undertake a full survey of the grounds, producing a species map together with a searchable database of tree specimens.

A follow-on grant to explore the business case for a new Tree Health Centre and related enterprises to address tree diseases and pests, now having significant economic, ecological and aesthetic impacts in the UK.

Royal Horticultural Society

To RHS, a grant towards the costs of a horticultural training programme for young people in Yorkshire, to improve their employment prospects, self-esteem and love of horticulture.

Royal College of Music

To the Royal College of Music, a grant to continue the development of its performance simulation technology and consider its wider application.

The Woodland Trust

To The Woodland Trust, a grant to support the restoration of three areas of ancient woodland in Yorkshire, these being Nidd Gorge in Knaresborough; Robson’s Spring Wood near Helmsley; and Cropton Bank, at Cropton near Pickering.

Helmsley Walled Garden

To Helmsley Walled Garden, a grant to cover the costs of commissioning an architectural consultancy and related planning works, to help expand the centre’s facilities and promote its horticultural therapy services.

To, a major grant to establish a match-giving scheme in North Yorkshire, supporting local charities in rural communities.

Sanata Charitable Trust

To the Sanata Charitable Trust, a grant towards the construction of a new Restart Centre (a children’s rescue centre) to support the rehabilitation of children and young people in Gilgil, Kenya.